Chris Benedict is a DJ, public speaker, disability advocate, and more.  He can entertain and teach people of all ages.  He is an expert at public speaking for many kinds of special events.  He speaks in schools and other venues to teach disability awareness and etiquette and how to use 911.
How to us 911Disability Awareness & Advocacy
DJ of Ability | Speaking

“Chris Benedict is an amazing young man filled with great determination, courage, passion vision! He does not let anything stop him and not only wants to make a difference in the world and in the lives of others, but he does just that! In seventh grade he started speaking about disabilities with just a few sheets of paper. After he graduated college, he started using a Mac Computer and made a Keynote Presentation.”

DJ of Ability | GraduationAfter refining it a lot, he ended up with four presentations, one on disabilities in general and one just about Cerebral Palsy. He was asked by Area Board 9, a state funded agency that assists people who have Developmental Disabilities, to do a presentation on work and how to start one’s own business. He is also a regular speaker in a kinesiology class at Westmont College. One of his many jobs is working at Santa Barbara City College. He was asked to do a presentation on how to use 911, which turned out quite well. If you need help or need someone to turn an idea into a plan, Chris is the guy!

Past Public Speaking Events:

Westmont Collage Kinesiology class
Tri-counties Regional Center – Communities of Practice
California Gathering-Person centered thinking conference
Santa Barbara City Collage Early Childhood Ed, Nursing Program, HHA Class
Santa Barbara High School
Dos Pueblos High School
San Marcus High School
Santa Barbara Middle School
La Colina Jr. High
Boys and Girls club